HEIST eGallery is Arts Access Victoria’s online gallery, showcasing the work of artists with and without disability.

HEIST eGallery is a virtual art gallery offering accessible and meaningful engagement with a variety of visual art forms.

HEIST’s mission is to provide a professional development opportunities for artists to present their work to a wide audience in the public sphere, raising the profile of artists with disability and creating opportunities for peer review and critique.

We aim to be innovative and responsive to the needs of artists with disability in providing a diverse range of services through the Artistic program; to introduce a unique gallery space into the arts sector which is capable of exhibiting a broad range of visual works; and to connect with a broader audience.

Our vision for HEIST eGallery is that it will help broker new relationships between the arts sector, artists and art consumers.

Watch this space as HEIST brings you art with edge; art that surprises, art that opens up and transforms what art is.